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Choosing New Glasses Part 1: Face Shapes

faceshape phase2 square xs


Ever noticed how some people look good in almost any frame, while other people struggle to find a frame shape that they love on their face?

While I am a strong believer that depending on the size - you can find almost any particular style for your face shape if you try hard enough! However, it is true that some face shapes will easily go better with certain frame shapes.

Take a look at this awesome chart, which face shape do you have?  This may help you narrow down certain frame styles you want to try, so you dont feel the need to exhaust yourself by trying every single frame in the clinic!

face shapes

This chart is a great starter guideline, to give you some ideas of what you should start with, but never be afraid to try other styles and kinds of frames, even if it is not listed as the best shape for you. Depending on fit and size, you may be surprised to find what look you like to see yourself in!

If you want more personalized help, you can always book in with one of our staff in the Optical Dispensary for a personalized frame selection appointment!  Give us a call at 250-390-1447 to book your appointment any time!

Auliya, Licensed Optician 

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