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Masking Now Optional

It's been a long few years with all of us behind our masks trying to protect ourselves and those of us around!  Thanks to new regulations and protocols for medical offices, we are please to announce that masks are now optional in our clinic!Due to changes in protocols for medical offices, Masks are now optional in our clinic.

We do understand that COVID-19 is still out there, making its rounds, but thanks to vaccines and social distancing, our public health officer believes we are safe to start relaxing more of our masking rules!

Of course, if you have any concerns and feel more comfortable to continue wearing a mask inside our clinic you are welcome to do so, and you are welcome to request that staff you are working with also use a mask when helping you throughout your visit here.  We are very understanding and accommodative to any of our concerned and immune compromised clients.

If you would like us to take any extra precautions before your next exam, just give us a call ahead of time so we can be prepared on the day of your exam for you!

Thank you for your patience while we all navigate our new post-pandemic world!


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